Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why do we want to look younger than we are?

When we ask ourselves the question “why do we want to look younger” a whole variety or reasons come to mind.  They might range from us thinking we are biologically programmed to be more attracted to other people who portray youth, health, and fertility to people being scared of getting their first wrinkles as to them it is a sign of them getting old and losing their youthful looks.

Nobody wants to get old but unfortunately it happens. We can however try and help ourselves feel young on the outside which in turn may help you feel younger on the inside. Avoiding looking in the mirror because you are scared of what will be looking back at you will become a thing of the past.

If you’re in your twenties and thirties, you might notice frown lines slowly developing, your eyelids may also slightly hood over your eyes and your lips may no longer look as “full” as they once did. Don’t be alarmed if there are fine lines developing when you smile, these are all just small signs that your body is getting older.

If you’re approaching fifty you may notice your eyebrows sagging, vertical neck bands developing and mouth corners turning downwards. Add these three indicators to the ones above and it is no wonder we start to loose confidence about our appearances when we look in the mirror.
Our facial muscles, which are attached directly to our skin, will lengthen as we age. Our skin begins to follow the path of the muscles and over time will also start to travel south. Although skin care products will never stop the time clock they can help to plump, firm and smooth leaving your skin feeling softer and your lines visibly reduced.
Our facial muscles are most likely to stretch up to one-half inch by the time we are fifty-five years old. This is why we see aging right before our eyes. Using chemical peels and lasers may initially tighten the skin but it won’t be long before you notice that the sagging has returned.
Surgery for prolonging our youthful looks is drastic and can be expensive. Cutting perfectly healthy tissue in the name of beauty has consequences; the skin is forever changing and you just may not like the results.
Facial exercises that uses isometric with resistance movements will systematically lift every area of your face and neck. Basically if you keep smiling and keep those facial expressions in a northern direction you will help to keep your skin looking younger. The exercises will refine, tone, curve and firm your face so that the younger face you thought you had lost forever is returned to you.

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